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Nora graduated from university in 2010 and joined a 4A digital marketing agency Lowe Profero functioning as an Associate Administrative director (started as a receptionist). After 4 years, she left and joined a London-based tech-star up- Powa Technologies functioning as a sales director of APAC Region, she was responsible for the sales of its mobile commerce/payment solution as well as  hardware products

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After a year and half, she went on to create her first start-up - POSPi,  POSPi was developing the cloud-based retail management systems  for retailers, the team steady grew to 30 people within  2 years(without external funding support), but she left to pursue new journey due to the partnership contract issues  with her co-founder.  

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After that, she joined an E-commerce company in pet products manufacturing industry as a general manager, she was responsible for developing domestic and global sales strategy. After half an year, she left the company as she hoped to pursue the career in B2B enterprise software industry. So she joined one of the biggest SaaS POS software company in China -  POSPAL Technologies-  she helped to establish a new retail business unit, responsible for  integrating  AI solutions into systems to better serve the different sector of retail business.

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On Aug 2018, she went on to create her 2nd Venture - FairyMo Retail Tech. She deeply believes in people empowerment and determines to leverage the platform to empower each individual working in front-line in retail industry to do more, be more and create their own success.

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