Sell anywhere, anytime with FairyMo Retail Sales App

Manage your in-store and online store business in one-stop

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Mobilize your service and become counter-less


Mobile check-out

Locate your products, check inventory, capture orders and transact anywhere you need

One click to open the online store & virtual pop-up store

Expand your  service beyond the store locations. Just one click to generate the digital poster/URL of the store or a specific item,  and share via social medias, email, SMS, etc. to start promoting and selling your product anywhere, anytime.


Fulfill omni-channel orders at one stop

Take and dispatch orders at one-stop to serve your customers from various online sell platforms and marketing pages.

Become the product  expert

Provide comprehensive product analysis and help you stay ahead of the tech-savvy customer


One-step closer to your customers

Understand your customers’ shopping habits, demands, and personal preference like never before.

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